Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Get yo' cuss on!

In yesterday's post for IWD I mentioned my pique over blogging incivility. I blog surf assiduously which means a lot of emo diaries, poker pages (What's up with that anyway?), cat blogs and the occasional wing nut. It's the wing nuts, be they right or left, that you've got to be careful of because they'd like to think they're courting honest open discussion; but of course that's until you disagree with them. Then the turd slinging begins.

The best response is to keep your dignity and simply click away. But sometimes, just sometimes, it's an elephant gun offence and the universe or at least your peptic ulcer demands that you address it. So if you must slag someone, show a little elan, get all Elizabethan on their arse. That's where the Shakespeare Insult Kit comes into the picture.

In a mere matter of minutes I'd tacked these satisfying bits o' smack together:
  • "Thou churlish beef-witted bugbear..."

  • "Thou beslubbering clay-brained clotpole..."

  • "Thou puny ill-natured harpy..."

  • "Thou rank fen-sucked boar-pig..."
Sure the object of your derision probably won't understand a word of it, but it'll amuse you immensely to hear them sputter in confusion.

5 Ninjas, 1 Kitten and a Fifth of Vodka!