Tuesday, June 14, 2005

International Weblogger's Day

In commemoration of the 2nd Annual International Weblogger's Day it was suggested that observants write "something about weblogging, with a title of "International Weblogger's Day". I'm guessing the organisers were angling for introspection. Hah! This is not that type of blog, but I'm willing to compromise in favour of a meme. I found the meme in question a while back via Leptard. It was penned by the fine lady over at Myself and Strangers.

Why Blog? (We're supposed to remember to be honest, because this is for posterity.)

  1. Why do you keep your weblog/blog/online writing thingie: for fun, for fame, for money, for popularity, or for another more obscure reason? What about the weblog gives you what you want?

  2. Three years or so ago, I started my first blog over at Dead Journal following a televised exhortation by Leo Laporte that simply everyone should have one. I'm now somewhat less inclined to agree with him; but have kept blogging because it's cheaper than air travel and psychoanalysis may be dangerous to the shrink's health.

  3. Imagine that your weblog becomes wildly popular: your hit counter skyrockets, your comments are overflowing, and everyone is emailing you about everything you post. Name 3 positive things that could come of this, and 3 negative things.

  4. What do you mean, imagine? Just look around and behold the awesomeness that is my blog! Oh, very well.

    Three Positive Things:

    1. I get to meet scads more insane interesting people.

    2. I finally recruit 5 ninjas worthy of 'the plan'.

    3. I earn filthy lucre through some fortituous indirect means allowing me
      even more guilt-free time playing 'writing' online.

    Three Negative Things:

    1. I attract an all too ardent fan.

    2. The Man discovers that I've found a new outlet for my dissidence and moves
      to take steps.

    3. I get sued. Don't ask me what for, I'm sure someone will come up with
      some reason or the other.

  5. What's the worst possible result you can imagine (short of being electrocuted or having your computer take over your brain, and who says it hasn't already?)from keeping a weblog?

  6. Weren't you paying attention? The Man decides my posts are not tongue-in-cheek, but rather subversive cant, and takes steps.

  7. What do you do to prevent that worst possible result from happening?

  8. I try to be circumspect when posting about things local. Heck, I avoid posting on things local.

  9. List 5 reasons that would make you stop keeping your weblog for a period of 6 months to a year.

  10. Well, been there, done that so...

    1. Extended illness

    2. Natural and/or financial disaster

    3. Held hostage by ardent fan

    4. Court order

    5. Jail

  11. List 5 reasons that would make you stop forever.

    1. Death, but then again...

    2. Persistent vegetative state

    3. Something catacyclsmic happens to the web

    4. I find a more fulfilling medium to express myself online

    5. I run out of inspiration

  12. Describe your definition of a "successful weblog".

  13. One with which it's author is content; because let's face it, blogging is

  14. Is yours successful by your definition?

  15. Ask me again, after I figure out a category hack I can live with.

  16. What pisses you off most in other weblogs? What pleases you most?

  17. Irritants:

    • Intolerance on the part of either author or readers. I'm a fairly permissive broad and hold to Voltaire's maxim of defending peoples' right to freedom of expression irrespective of whether you find their beliefs personally reprehensible; but I simply can not abide incivility. One has to have one's limits.

    • Layouts which are so cool that you can't find the posts, were designed by the colour blind, or which are a virtual ambuscade of animated gifs and/or music.


    • The unexpected - I like surprises so by all means be original, throw me a googly (read "curve ball" for those of you untutored in the mysteries of cricket).

    • Truly artistic sites - Inspite of the occasional bout of layout envy.

  18. Make a list of 10 weblogs/journal style web sites that you wish your weblog/website/writing site was like.

  19. Actually I don't want my style, whatever in the heck that is, to be like that of any other; and I enjoy far too many blogs to list just ten. What do you think? Was that response politic enough?

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