Sunday, July 23, 2006

Snark of the week: Take that you dirty terrorists!


"Stupid is as stupid does."

Gods what a week! *sigh* All I got to say 'bout that is, "Work is a four letter word, too". Now on to the snarky business at hand. (And yes, I know these are getting fewer and farther between, but quite honestly a good snark is hard to find.)

As word spread through the interwebnet of the Indian government's astonishing move to block access to blogging platforms; including Blogspot, Typepad and Geocities; one Digg user, flash200, weighed in:
Not wanting to be outdone, India has decided to give the US and China a run for their money. Said one Indian official, who spoke on condition of not being quoted, "If there's any country in the world that can avoid getting a useful benefit out of the internet, it's certainly us. Not those other silly countries."

Reportedly, the US government was outraged by this news, and threatened to disable all telephone lines and cable lines in their own country. "The thing you have to understand," said a Senator from Alaska, "is that these series of tubes are bad for the truck business." One thing is clear, the US will not take this challenge to its bureaucratic ineffectiveness lightly.

The Chinese government responded in turn by making a public proclamation that fire, and all technology derived from it, has now been banned by the government. Said one Chinese official, "Top that!"

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