Sunday, July 09, 2006

One 10sec reason why dorna! doesn't drive - Part 2

So Abeni leaves a comment on yesterday's post. She says I should, despite the compelling video evidence to support my position, get behind the wheel, take to the roads, and drive even.

The girl may even have a point. But if I ever do - get behind the wheel, take to the roads, and drive even - it won't be on this bit of goat track roadway, AKA Bolivia's North Yungas Road, AKA "El Camino de la Muerte". I don't think you need a translation of that last bit.(Image credit ...hmmmm..., Click pic for more photos)

Now for the few of you who got lost and ended up here while searching for DIY dirty pictures, this is a Caribbean blog; more precisely a St Lucian blog; so this blogger ain't no wuss. Not a bit of it. I've seen and ridden upon a few arsehat particularly dangerous roads myself.

In fact, local lore includes the tale of how, before it was re-surfaced at terrific cost, the road to St Jude's hospital in the south of the island was on occasion used to induce labour in troublesome pregnancies. Seriously. Doctors, it is said, would just pop the mommy-to-be in an ambulance and send her for a little drive. You know, to convince the intransigent brattling that things might actually be more congenial on the outside.

But I ask you, what in the seven circles of hell are these Bolivians thinking?

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