Monday, June 26, 2006

FYI we're all screwed!


Look sharp, the end is nigh - again...

Just in case you were wondering the end of the world as we, or at least Barbadians, know it is upon us. You hear dat Jdid? Bim goin' get thwacked by not 1, but count it, 2 mahko (read real big muther*****ing) hurricanes sometime between "now and the end of the year" because God vex wit you all.

Well, that's according to some bajan bloke named Greg Norville of the House of Ephraim, who claims to have a hotline to Jesus or whomever; and I for one have made it a habit not to argue matters of detail and proof with anyone who has private chats with divine personages.
"The Lord said: 'The angels of the City of Bridgetown have come before me and the stench of the city has been brought before me by them.' I'm saying to you, prophetically, that Bridgetown is going to come under heavy flooding; water will come up all through the Careenage and it will be greatly underwater," shared Norville, who said he had a prophetic anointing on his life.

He said God was not pleased with the prevailing "party spirit" and homosexuality that had gripped the country, therefore He was planning to carry out a "cleansing".

Hmmpf. Man, that's some serious celestial ire right there. Yes, well, I look real close yes, and he eh say nutting 'bout Lucia; so Carnival 2K6 is on!

5 Ninjas, 1 Kitten and a Fifth of Vodka!