Saturday, April 15, 2006

Spammage: The literati Edition

Heavens to Betsy; astonishing is it not, the things which show up in one's inbox? tomcat on a tiger-skin rug blinking pleasurably at the fire. There was a table, the sight of which made the God-fearing barman shudder--it was covered with an altar-cloth and on top of it was an army of bottles--bulbous, covered in mould and dust. Among the bottles glittered a plate, obviously of solid gold. By the fireplace a little red-haired man with a knife in his belt was roasting a piece of meat on the end of a long steel blade.
The fat dripped into the flames and the smoke curled up the chimney. There was a smell of roasting meat, another powerful scent and the odour of incense, which made the barman wonder, as he had read of Berlioz's death and knew that this had been his flat, whether they were performing some kind of requiem for the dead man, but as soon as it came to him he abandoned the idea as clearly ridiculous. Suddenly the stupefied barman heard a deep bass voice : 'Well sir, and what can I do for you? ' Andrei Fokich turned round and saw the man he was looking for. The black magician was lolling on a vast, low, cushion-strewn divan. As far as the barman could see the professor was wearing nothing but kifgfogl fhgpf fflfm fihsfofhg g g ng tksgm g pg q fm kkjikqkfknk jkqkkksjqj okjkhmsk o khhg hnh t l shmhp hq tlqjq rq jqs qqt ttjo nq tqmqpqk qgu f qrnunr kqfofgflftg jgqgq i ig i g ng mgtgj kmgogj g g lgi i iqishoihipihhoiohp fthgfkftf kfrf p j of qflfm h qmoln l rm pknj rjmjfljjhj qjl jgjkfjjn j ijf sdjksdfsdfsdlgkj sdflkjsdf lksdjfsdfsdf...
Just when it was starting to get interesting - poof - it turns into jibberish! Nekid profs and everything. Does anyone know what this is from?

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