Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Is profiling okay, when we do it to ourselves?


More fun with Caribbean nationals...
A Canadian Highway Patrolman pulled a car over and told the Guyanese driver that because he was wearing his seat belt he had just won $5,000 in the Province safety competition.

"What are you going to do with the money?" asked the policeman.

"Well, I goin' get a driver's license," he answered.

"Oh, don't listen to him," yelled the Trini woman in the passenger's seat. "He's a smart donkey when he drunk."

This woke up the Bajan guy in the back seat, who took one look at the cop and moaned, "I knew we was not gonna get far in dis thiefin car."

At that moment, there was a knock from the trunk and a Jamaican voice said, in patois, "Yow!, I man mek it 'crass di barder yet?"

The Canadian Highway Patrolman smiled, and handed the $5,000 check to the driver. "I always loved the island talk,but I could never understand it. Have a nice day."
(Thanks Spammin' Auntie)

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