Thursday, April 27, 2006

I have work to do, but...

Radmila's posted a meme and has apparently tagged anyone who managed to cast their eye in the general direction of the thing. Apparently the lady believes in neither surgical strikes nor following the rules. The object of said meme is to:
Divulge six random things about yourself, then tag six people and so perpetuate this degradation /humiliation /boredom throughout the blogworld.
  1. I wear size 7 - 7 ½ shoes, but only because I have extraordinarily short toes.
  2. I completely fail to see the point of purse dogs. They're small. They're yippy. You have to feed them. And they're good for absolutely nothing at all.
  3. Once, back in my primary school days, Standard 4 to be exact (don't ask me which grade, I don't do conversions) a girlfriend and I spotted a rather pretty lad, truly beautiful, of about our age (ten or eleven-ish) and surreptitiously tailed him all over town for almost 2 hours. We giggled a lot. He never spotted us. I believe they call that stalking now.
  4. A ringing telephone is merely an invitation to dialogue, not an obligation to respond.
  5. I was denounced during a Sociology lecture by my entire class for being a commie-pinko for sagaciously remarking, well I thought so, upon the fall of the Berlin Wall that quote; "Well it's all terribly exciting, isn't it? But I hope you lot realise that we're all proper fucked now." Needless to say, I haven't been to any of my college reunions.
  6. I was raised in a staunchly Judaeo-Christian household, name of the denomination withheld out of sheer peevishness, by parents who demanded that I "reason out my faith". I was an obedient child. Obedient to the very letter of their words. That'll show them.
Right... Well if I can play along so can you. There's no need to tag, since only six of you read this thing anyway. So just leave the permalinks to your lists in the comment thingy, and we can all get real personal. :D

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