Saturday, April 08, 2006

Confessions of an appalling self-promotioner...

I found this slightly embarrassing 3 (?) year old attempt at blog-whoring buried in my text file bone yard yesterday; from back when I was a still ardent convert to Blogasfarianism. Inspired by The Simpsons "See My Vest" dorna! presents a sing-a-long:

Read My Blog

Some people plug for causes,
With arguments refined,
But all that I am angling for,
Are a thousand hits per day.

Read my blog, read my blog,
Every day is such a slog,
Without patter, for that matter,
All my scintillating chatter.

And the pics, some hot chicks,
Yes well even - of Hans Blix,
Weird news items up for review,
'N nekid politicians too.

Tongue in cheek, nooky tips,
All come tripping off my lips,
Give your lover, or some other,
A good snog.

And the news, sometimes mean,
Stupid criminals aren't keen,
Read my blog, read my blog,
Read my blog.

By large it's clean, not too obscene,
Heaven's sakes it's PG 14,
But the censors bitchingly stew,
They're agog.

Variation's the ticket,
Will even post cricket,
Read my blog, read my blog,
Oh please, won't you read my blog.

[sigh]Oy effing ve...[/sigh] But, I'm much better now. No, really...

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