Sunday, December 04, 2005

Things to do when you're pissed: Coin a new cuss word...

What's wrong with this picture? Can't tell? Well let me elucidate. A new blogger wanders by, says "Hi"; dorna! decides to reciprocate. "But of course", you say, "after all you're a nice enough chica - well most days anyway". So I pop over to Martyn Clayton's spot and decide to leave a comment on his "Slow Postie Shocker!" post.

Read on...

Simple enough. How difficult could this be? It's only 1 sentence. HAH! Yes, I'll say it again, 'cause it makes me feel better. HAH!!! Simple? Ah; but no my poppets, not for me; never for me. Not when I am thwarted not once, not twice; nay, not even three times by Blogger's infernal R-U-Human-Thingy (RUHT), AKA, captcha craptcha; but count it, 9 times! And then the fun began.

"But dorna!", you say, "really now; it's quite straight forward. Just read the squiggly letters and type what you see. After all, even if the first one's something straight out of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas; eventually one's bound to turn up that's passably legible." And I say, "Just shut it while I share my pain". Here's how it went.

I typed the comment. Entered my username and password. Glanced at the RUHT. Typed "smenita". Logged in and published. ??? Started talking to self. "Okay, pay attention girl." Repeated process. "Smenita?" "Odd this, shouldn't that have changed? Girl, you're losing it." Did it again. "Smenit..., huh?" Refreshed page. Clickity, clickity, click. Yet even more smenita, smenita, smenita! Had a satisfying cuss in Kweyol. Closed browser window. Re-opened browser window. And again - smenita! Glared at screen. Following a few meditative moments of chair rocking, a smirk appeared. The words "This will make a GREAT post!" slowly materialized in my mind. Well perhaps "great" was overstating things; but I had nothing for Sunday, so this would have to do.

Started post. Paused to close a half-dozen or so extraneous windows. Tried to post comment again. Smenita. Growled. Slammed mouse in frustration and accidentally closed the unsaved Notepad file with the beginnings of a truly stellar Blogger rant. (You'll have to take my word on this. It was the best thing I'd ever written. *sniff*) "Ah shit..." Sighed. No worries, it was a half hour, 1 stroll and 2 bites of a sandwich later; and I was now 'working' in Msword anyway. Tried RUHT again. Smenita. "Hrmph."

The beginnings of a grim admiration of its sheer obstinate consistency started to take hold; which, of course, was perfect timing for Ms-bloody-word to crash inexplicably. Okay, I know, there rarely is a meaningful "why" when you're dealing with a Microsoft product; but in this instance, for some reason only Loki could fathom, it hadn't bothered to auto-save. I emitted a hiss CyniKitty would have been proud of, closely followed by my new expletive of choice, "SMENITA!!!"

And the blighted comment which started it all? This unassuming thing:
Excellent, power to the people; but what, pray tell, is a dole mole?

5 Ninjas, 1 Kitten and a Fifth of Vodka!