Tuesday, December 20, 2005



Boyfriend's got an ego THIS BIG...

From Jorg Fisher's enthusiastic but tragically translated biography, "David Hasselhoff":
The role of Michael Knight was actually cut for David. With his young charm, his good-looking appearance and the strong muscles, he had exactly the right mixture, which could inspire the action fans from all over the world. At his side was a car with the name "Knight Rider Two Thousand" (KITT). A car, which could actually speak. A car, black color, a Pontiac Trans-Am Sport Coupé, which not only had practical special effects, which even James Bond had turn pale; besides he gave intelligent sayings of himself, was every time at the right time at the right place, if action-hero David needed help...

At the beginning KITT got even more fan-letters than his human partner. David didn't like that very much... "I still remember a situation where a woman asked me for a autograph at the airport and her man said that Knight Rider wouldn't be a real TV show without KITT. Then I replied to him, that in this case he should try to get an autograph of KITT," David tells.

Strong muscles ye say?

5 Ninjas, 1 Kitten and a Fifth of Vodka!