Sunday, November 13, 2005

Things to do when you're bored: World Travel?

Ah now, this segment is looking up. None of those silly search engine games for you this week. Not a bit - nope - this week you get some culture; which you'll sorely appreciate when you see the dregs I barely managed to scrape up for the coming days.

No air travel is necessary but you will need QuickTime for this virtual excursion to the 812 Wonders of the World; or at least the 131 UNESCO World Heritage Sites which have thus far been captured in panography by WHTour. Penultimate coolness, neh? You don't even have to change out of your favourite scruffies and there's no Montezuma's revenge to contend with.

Click to view templeUnfortunately St Lucia's Pitons, though recently added to the list of the world's wonders, haven't been shot yet; so you'll have to content yourselves with playing with a Frapper Map of all 812 sites compiled by Lynn Garry Salmon. (Click on the tags and you get blurry satellite imagery to boot. Yay, technology!)

Shown is panography of a temple at Phnom Bakeng, Cambodia, shot and assembled by the husband and wife team of Tito Dupret and Bijuan Chen.

Click HERE to tour the world.

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