Saturday, October 22, 2005

Snark of the Week: Scooter Judith

If you've paid even the least bit of attention to the ever growing US scandal du jour concerning the outing of CIA spook Valerie Plame over her husband's discovery that - *gasp* - the Bush Administration lied, lied, lied, about Saddam trying to buy nukes from Niger; then you'll have heard of the now infamous Scooter Libby love letter to New York Times columnist and apparent neo-con co-conspirator Judith Miller, authorizing her to tell all about their supposedly innocent meetings in the Summer of 2003.

In his piece Connected at the Roots?", Gary Leupp of the Dissident Voice asks the questions we all want answers to; like, "If Novak did the deed, why did Judith take jail; and while we're at it what's up the aspens, Scooter?"
I understand that Jon Stewart had some fun with the "aspens are turning" letter on his October 5 Daily Show, and that he derided the literary talents of Libby, who in fact is a sometimes novelist. For my part I will just note that when Shakespeare alludes to aspen leaves they are always trembling (Henry IV, II, II, iv; Titus Andronicus, II, iv), a metaphor for fear. May the liars tremble in the cold autumn breeze until they're blown to the ground and scattered.
If you'd like to get up to speed on the Wilson-Plame debacle, read the entire article HERE.

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