Friday, October 14, 2005

Easy money (Lucian style)


How to gross EC$4,750¹ in 4 simple steps...

  1. Assemble a homemade firearm; or better yet just scare up any old busted piece of crap. This shouldn't pose too great a difficulty. Just remember, that while handguns are a cinch to procure, shotguns are more impressive to look at.
  2. Sell your gat to the most readily available shmuck for something in the region of EC$500 to EC$3,000.
  3. Get one of your boys, preferably one who hasn't been smoking the pot, to tip off the po-po as to its whereabouts.
  4. Split the EC$2,500 reward with your homie. (A 70-30 split should be acceptable. If he demurs - shoot him.)


¹ US$1 = EC$2.65

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