Saturday, September 17, 2005

Snark of the Week 2: The Hoffmeister


"Ooga Chaka, Ooga, Ooga, Ooga Chaka, What a Hunk a Chaka! Roowwwr."

Yes I know, I already posted a SotW yesterday; but well, frell, it's mah blog and I'll do what ah want to. Did you know that the Hoff has a newish CD out? Apparently it's quite the compilation. People are just raving; well, howling mostly.

Reviews for Hasselhoff's seminal "The Very Best Of" CD. Insert your own BWA-HA-HA-HA-HA here...

Jackson Jeffry Jackson says:
Hitler. Luther. Marx. Bismarck. And now...... Hasselhoff. Germany has a new colossus. Son of a nation that prides itself on its power, solemnity and ruthless efficiency, David Hasselhoff has these qualities in abundance. From the moment you see his meticulously crafted mullet and those piercing Aryan eyes gazing out from the of album cover to the second you collapse with breathless admiration as the final strains of `Du' emanate from your stereo, you know you have been subject of a classical Germanic invasion. But this time its an invasion of your heart.
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