Thursday, September 22, 2005

Of errant bombs, punch cards and other interesting things...


Oopsies, my bad!
In the middle of 1944, a squadron of B-29 "Superfortress" bombers took off from China. Their target was the Imperial Iron and Steel Works in Yawata, Japan, a major supplier of armaments for Japanese battleships and tanks. Imperial Iron churned out some two million metric tons of steel each year, a big chunk of Japan's wartime output. The coke ovens at the steel factory were a major target of the Allies.

A total of 376 500-pound bombs were dropped from these B-29s. Oddly, only one bomb hit anything - accidentally taking out a power station three-quarters of a miles away from the Imperial coke ovens.
From the e-book How We Got Here - A slightly irreverent history of technology & markets by Andy Kessler

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