Wednesday, September 28, 2005

In God's Name #1


"Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light." 2Cor 11:14

In his "The great scandal: Christianity's role in the rise of the Nazis", Gregory S. Paul examines the origins of Christian anti-Semitism; tracking it's growth from the church's earliest days through the Reformation and into the twentieth century; as well as it's astonishing dalliance with paganism to give birth to the Nazi mythos.
Aryan Christianity differed from traditional Christianity in denying both that Christ was a Jew and that Christianity had grown out of Judaism. Adherents viewed Christ as a divine Aryan warrior who brought the sword to cleanse the earth of Jews. Aryans were held to be the only true humans, specially created by God through Adam and Eve; all other peoples were soulless subhumans, descended from apes or created by Satan with no hope of salvation. Most non-Aryans were considered suitable for subservient roles including slavery, but not the Jews. Spiritless yet clever and devious, Jews were seen as a satanic disease to be quarantined or eliminated...

German Aryanism, whether Christian or pagan, became known as "Volkism." Volkism prophesied the emergence of a great God-chosen Aryan who would lead the people (Volk) to their grand destiny through the conquest of Lebensraum (living space). A common motto was "God and Volk."
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