Thursday, September 01, 2005

The comparative ethics of telephonic exorcisms...


Cursed phone for sale!

What makes an absurd eBay auction something special? How about an entertaining tale of a mad former Jesuit inventor, cold rooms, shattered Virgin Mary statuettes, yipping dogs, Nazi backers and a "hotline to hell"? Oh, and there's a happy ending too! Be sure to read the entire thing.
Over the past 2 days the phone has been following me everywhere, even to the bathroom! I find it very hard to go if someone is watching, so I did something about it. I went around the city and gathered about a gallon and a half of holy water but it in a plastic storage container and put the phone on an upturned bowl in the middle. If I learned one thing from the Exorcist it was that possessed things hate holy water, so if a small vial can hurt one then a couple of gallons in the form of a moat should be able to keep the phone where it is. I have a question for everyone out there, since the churches were only dispensing the holy water in small 1/2 ounce vials it would have taken me quite a while to fill my container so I had to "borrow" the water by filling up a bunch of empty water bottles in the baptismal fonts and wall fonts. So my question is "is holy water still holy if you steal it?"
Read entire auction blurb HERE.

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