Thursday, September 29, 2005

"5 Ninjas" Files: Survival techniques

Don't say I never posted anything useful. (Double negative? Hmmm...) Patricia Reaney on "How to overcome that sinking feeling in quicksand" :
"Everybody thinks, thanks to Hollywood, that you can drown in quicksand. Basically if you do a simple buoyancy calculation, the Archimedes force, it is immediately evident that you can't drown completely," said Daniel Bonn, of the Van der Waals-Zeeman Institute at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands...

The scientists advised people trapped in quicksand not to panic and to wiggle.

"All you have to do to get your foot out is to introduce water into the sand and if you can do that along your leg by wiggling your leg around, that is the best way to get out," Bonn said.
Link via Aberrant News. Click the pic for more facts about quicksand.

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