Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Nu Fangled: Hands On

Finally a bit of tech I can really get behind. I'm not a nervous flyer, I'm a paranoid one. I've had one too many run-ins with would-be plain clothes policemen and their disturbing preoccupation with 'spot searching' my luggage in departure lounges.

My "where's your ID and if you lay one finger on my luggage you're getting five in return" routine is usually enough to scare them off; but such exchanges usually leave me rattled, eyes darting about in an attempt to counter-surveil my fellow passengers. So I want this:
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The concept is very simple. The traveller uses a luggage passport into which important information is entered in a legally acceptable form that can be used as evidence in the event of illegal activity pertaining to the luggage but not the owner.

The HandsOn Passport is designed to record the checked-in weight of luggage, and this can be compared with the weight at the collection point. Any discrepancy will show a removal of or addition to the luggage while it was "out of sight". This can be reported and investigated before passing through the customs hall, thereby removing the committal of any offence.

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