Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Essence of a Mother


Why some people need to be slapped

So I'm minding my own business and stumble upon this foolishness.
I had to chuckle when my wise-eyed daughter told me to share this with someone rather than discard it thoughtlessly. But, she is a true indigo kid and I have learned to listen when she gives advise. So, it is with a 'what the hay' smile on my face that I offer up what is basically my essential oil - extracted through the age-old practice of ear candling.

Click to see auction pageAs she pointed out, this oil includes the essence of both her mother and the mother earth. She said it has "pieces" of us in it... And "pieces" of the beautiful places we've seen. I guess that's true with the particles floating around and mixing with everything, everywhere you go...
Oh no, you're not misunderstanding, she really is auctioning off her earwax. Click the pic to see the entire auction page. But 'what the hay' I'm all for making an extra buck, so why not auction off my own bodily secretions? Hmmm, let's see, I could call it "Essence of Cussedness" and it would include "pieces" of me; like the time I got repeatedly interrogated by immigration officials at Charles de Gaulle International Airport while trying to leave the country; and retorted avec tout force and perhaps inadvisedly upon reflection, "Yeah, that's right! I'm the *bleeping* terrorist!"

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