Wednesday, August 24, 2005

'Cause even junkies need structure

From FOUND Magazine: Crack House Rules...

If you do not pay attention to these rules you will not come in.Click to view original parchment
  1. No Bumming!

  2. No #2's in the john!

  3. No head - no bed!

  4. No loud noises at all!

  5. Do not repeat yourself!

  6. You will not hang out!

  7. No Irish whatsoever!

  8. Do not touch yourself at all!

  9. Do not take advantage of the Boss or his guests!

  10. No freebies, except Bud!

  11. Do not touch the TV or stereo!

  12. Absolutely no lies!

  13. If you steal, your life will end!

  14. Do not go in the back at all, unless you have permission. If you do your gone 4 ever!

  15. No cops, snitches & other bitches will see this too!

  16. No using other people's pipes!

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