Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Breaking News!

Bongo News reports that theMars rovers have made an exciting scientific discovery.
NASA scientists have found evidence of ancient water on Mars in volcanic rock, and signs that nearby ground had once been drenched. They made this discovery at a site which the first Mars rover passed by a few days ago, but did not notice until the second rover passed by that same spot.

"It is strange that the first rover didn't notice the traces of water. They must be millions of years old," said one scientist. "But the second rover sniffed around and zoomed in on these two spots right away."


You see, this is the kind of feedback this blog needs. Brendan would have been happier if they'd found whiskey on Mars instead. Gah! You must forgive him, he's Irish after all. Anyhoo, he was able to put his alcoholic preferences aside and pass on the following:

Mars Bar Vodka

Yield: 1

1 Bottle vodka
Mars bars (the number depends)
1 Empty vodka bottle

Chop the Mars bars into thin strips, so that they fit through the neck of the vodka bottle. Fill the empty bottle with the strips of Mars bar and then pour in the vodka, fill to the top.

Screw the top on tightly and place in a dishwasher for 1 to 1 ½ hours. Afterwards place in a fridge until chilled.

Silly me. I've been mixing in my mouth all these years.

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