Sunday, July 03, 2005

Things to do when you're bored...

Yes, it's the obligatory weekend "Things to do..." post, but first I need to share something with you. A former college chum used to say a couple of things, right after each foof up. The first was "It's not a mistake, it's a design element". The second, said with a sigh and considerable bitterness, was "Live to learn, love to learn".

For purposes of discussion, it's the second adage which concerns me today. I've learned, only just 20 odd minutes ago, that a Lady Bic shaver, a wet shower stall and Dorna attempting a manoeuvre best left to the likes of Nadia Comaneci has both high pain and humour quotients. I'm sure the humour will be apparent to me 2 weeks hence.Click to see demo

Right, now let's get to the business at hand. Today's "Thing to do…" comes from the talented and obviously frequently idle people at Pentrix. Shown is The ThumbAround Technique for twirling, well, a pen.

Note: If you're as co-ordinated as I am, this is also a good way to put an eye out.

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