Thursday, July 21, 2005

Sorry kids, dorna! can't come out to play...

Tragic, yes, I know. So just a quickie here. I had just about rid myself of an annoying little ditty I picked up last week while watching Madagascar when Madbull up and re-inforced it's insidious grip on my fragile psyche and then I found this lovely snapshot by Bill Dobbins seen below.

The two things, snapshot and ditty, collided in my head with an awful WHOMP and while separately they bemuse me, together they have achieved a bizarre coherence; which is currently beyond my auto-psychoanalytical capabilities. So, I've decided to give in...Click to expand
I like to move it, move it (3x).
Ya like to move it!

All girls all over the world,
Original Mad Stuntman Pon ya case man!
I love how all girls a move them body,
And when ya move ya body,
Uno move it, nice and sweet and sexy, alright!

Woman ya cute, and you don't need no make up,
Original cute body you a mek man mud up (2X)

Woman! Physically fit, physically fit,
Physically, physically, physically fit, (2X)
Woman! ya nice, sweet, fantastic,
Big ship on de ocean that a big titanic
Woman! ya nice, sweet, energetic,
Big ship on de ocean that a big titanic (2X)...
Ah Christ, I need some sleep. Seacrest out!

5 Ninjas, 1 Kitten and a Fifth of Vodka!