Sunday, June 19, 2005

For Symmetry's Sake

Continuing with this week's (Yes I know it's Sunday, but if it's "the weekend" then the new week begins on Monday. So there.) inadvertent theme of nekidness and naughty bits etc.; I have an update on my man Stephen Gough. (No, he's not really my man. It's just an expression. Honestly, you wouldn't believe the kinds of email I get from 'concerned' readers. Also, this post is purely journalistic in nature. If I wanted titillation I'd post pics of Vin or Gary or Takeshi or Keith or Vin hmmm...well you catch my drift.)

Mr. Gough, AKA "The Naked Rambler", has been perambulating in dishabille "wearing nothing but boots, hat and a rucksack", sensible what with the risk of sunstroke and bugs and such, since 2003. He's been nicked a few times and did two short stretches in the big house, but never you fear, he's about to have a go at it again. This time he'll be setting off from Land's End in the company of his girl, Melanie Roberts, and a thus far unnamed librarian. No pics of his cohorts are as yet available.

5 Ninjas, 1 Kitten and a Fifth of Vodka!