Sunday, June 19, 2005

Condi loves Vader?!

Seems a fair few of you out there have thoughts on the subject of Condi's love life. The following comment on yesterday's post warrants a space of it's own as it comes with an illustration.

I'm afraid Condi needs a bit more than some good ol' fashioned lovin' to turn that wicked cyborg from the dark side.

From John Sparks at SPARKS ART

Disclaimer: The opinions of the artistic Mr. Sparks do not necessarily reflect those of this web logger, though they do give this web logger a heck of a chuckle. This web logger does not believe that The Unsticker is a cyborg, in spite of apparent evidence to the contrary; and will refrain from making judgements as to her inherent wickedness, given that it's hurricane season and all, and we wouldn't want to be presumptuous and attract unwanted attention from any all-powerful cosmic forces.

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