Thursday, May 26, 2005


Testing 1, 2, damn it! Sakwé salopwi-an! *sigh* Nevermind y'all do not want to know what that last bit meant.

Ok, right. Mah blog, guabancex proper, appears to have died an ignoble death. If anyone out there is suffering through a similar 'crisis' leave a comment or email me, so we can commiserate properly. For the first 24 hours I couldn't publish but the comment tool worked. Now, well tchou-mwen fan apwésan.

This is my final comment entry for Tuesday's souped-up coffin post:
As Leptard would say, "Fahcking 'ell"! This blog's having a grand mal of epic proportions. Seriously people, I'm not being lazy. I can't update the sodding thing. The comment tool's the only thing that works, sort of. Okay, rant done done.

Chris: Yes, apparently it floats. I'd hate to be the one who found out otherwise.

Scratchie: Sorry dey eh say nuting about no turbo. I'll be by to visit. :)

jdid: I think you've hit on the one application this thing's actually best suited to. But still, that external release might be problematic, what with all the Van Helsing types running around. I'll be by to say 'hi' to you too. ;)

yorkshire soul: You're quite right, I'm not sure what the designers of that thing were thinking.

Mighty England! Bleah... (Note sour grapes) Have you seen the embarassing spectacle mah boys in maroon are making of themselves? Gods!

Dr. D.: Don't worry I've taken steps. ;7
Right then, I'm going to hold off on moving everything until next week maybe. Let's see how this mess plays out.

5 Ninjas, 1 Kitten and a Fifth of Vodka!