Thursday, May 18, 2006

Cont'd Ed: Erotic photography anyone?

From comes an amusing, detailed and extremely NSFW tutorial on "How to Take Better Dirty Pictures" (Well at least they're being honest. :D):

I'm starting with the assumption that you are shooting with a digital camera...You must have a camera that takes 4 or 5 million pixel photos...If you are serious you will need a single lens reflex camera with changeable lenses and an add-on flash...There are four things you get with this set-up: 1: a flash to bounce off the ceiling, 2: a choice of "wide" or "long" lenses. 3: it shoots FAST and often, with no delay or pause between shots. (This is important when your model is rolling around like a cat in heat and you're trying to capture the action)...
(Link via Boing Boing, Image credit: Mikey?)

Meow baby, me-ow. Hey, just in case you missed the warning, this is NSFW; moreover, if you're too young to visit that page it's all on you, 'cause I ain't nobody's mama. Comprendez?

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